A downloadable game for Windows

This game is much fun. Such Oculus, much wow.

"Control" the DUDE through an epic level full of challenges and exploration. Watch as he changes the environment and bend the laws of physics to your will!

Optimum playing experience on the custom-made arcade machine (399$ - duct tape not included).


Install instructions

You need the arcade machine in the optimal case - you can buy it from us ;) Alternatively: 2 XBox 360 Controllers. One for the left, one for the right side - each one stick for the arm, one stick for the leg-

You can also play the game with keyboard controls though:

WASD for the left side, IJKL for the right side, SHIFT L/R to switch between arms/legs

Oculus Rift required, but we will upload a normal screen version soon.


Oculus Version 22 MB
Normal Version 22 MB